Educational, Medicinal, and Social

To create a dialogue with the actual building structures and the community is essential to help the town of Arusha. The two programmatic structures of the project are educational and medicinal needs.

1. EDUCATION: The education center, a separate building, will house a library, computer room, and a multi-purpose room (that can serve as a conference room, office, and small classroom). Internet is uncommon for many people in Arusha, so providing this access tool will educate its users tremendously, connecting them to other countries in the world. In the learning center, the main goal is to educate people to better care for themselves. This process will not be static, but an evolution of teaching skills. For example, here people can educate themselves how to take better care of their family’s health as well as advancing their academic studies.

2. MEDICINAL: The clinic’s program is a very common layout for outpatient clinics in the region. Such needs include a pharmacy, examination rooms, ward, kitchen, laundry, etc. In addition to the clinic, this building will house dormitories for children. This portion of the program is occupied continuously.

3. SOCIAL: The physical space in between the two buildings is integral to the success of the project. Creating an atmosphere of caring, teaching, learning, and growing is essential. By using public space, the programs can begin to influence one another. The landscape can provide playground for the children on one side and a learning garden on the other side. Perhaps the two can interweave? By inviting the community to use the facilities, these structures can house opportunity and communal growth.

*The goal is to use architecture to facilitate social growth as well as provide programmatic services.

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