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Arusha: Common Facts

Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha is the capital city of the Arusha Region. Located on the slopes of Mount Meru, this town is amongst beautiful landscapes as well as national parks. Arusha is Hindi for “rising sun.” According to the 2002 census, Arusha’s population is 1,288,088.

Land Features:

  1. Arusha National Park
  2. Serengeti
  3. Ngorongoro Crater
  4. Lake Manvara
  5. Olduvai Gorge
  6. Tarangire National Park
  7. Mount Kilimanjaro
  8. Mount Meru

Climate and Geography:

Even though Arusha is located just south  of the equator, its temperature is quite moderate due to its elevation (1,400m or 4,600 feet). Situated on the southern slopes of Mount Meru, the temperature ranges between 55 and 86 degree Fahrenheit. Cool dry air is prevalent for much of the year. It has two distinct seasons each year (wet and dry) like much of Eastern Africa. The Indian Ocean is a few hundred miles away, but sends eastern winds to the town of Arusha. “Almost within the entire city; if you go north you will be going up hill, and going south is always down hill.”


Substinence farming. The majority of Arusha’s population depends on agriculture for economic growth. Both flowers and vegetables are exported to Europeans countries, as well as coffee.

*** Thought for implication on project: Use outside space as a garden. Allow it to be used as an “outdoor classroom.” Let this be an opportunity to let the community learn tricks of their trade as well as the children located in the orphanage’s dormitory.***

Mining: Tanzanite

Factories: brewery, tyre and fibreboard plant, and a large pharmaceuticals maker.

Mount Meru Hospital Statistics

Currently, Feed the Children and IMO have been working hand-in-hand with Mount Meru Hospital. To better understand the typical needs of the medical department for our facility I have listed information (gathered from the hospital’s site) about most common diagnoses. Mount Meru Hospital is completely owned and operated by the government.

1.     Malaria                                     21.4%
2.     Minor surgical conditions           14.8%
3.     Acute respiratory infections       14.3%
4.     Pneumonia                                13.9%
5.     Non-infectious eye conditions   10.6%
6.     Diarrhoeal diseases                   6.4%
7.     Urinary Tract Infections            6.2%
8.     Skin Infections                          4.6%
9.     Intestinal worms                        4.4%
10.    Eye Infections                         3.4%

MOST COMMON DISEASES (in the region)

Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Hepatitis A, and Cholera

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The project will be located in Arusha, Tanzania. The town of Arusha consists of 1,288,088 people according to the 2002 census. Arusha’s economy is very much connected to agriculture.  The majority of produce sent overseas consists of vegetables and flowers. Today, much of the agriculture is subsistence farming.

Situated in the northeast of Tanzania, Arusha is positioned at the elevation of 4,600 feet on the southern slope of Mount Meru. The climate ranges from 55-86 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool dry air will allow the project to be naturally ventilated.